Q:What are the benefits of creating a VIVO account?

A:VIVO Account is the account through which you can access the VIVO Store and stay up to date on news,You will also be able to receive notifications about offers and promotions, track your orders and more!

Q:How to creat VIVO account?

A:it's easy to creat an VIVO account, you just need to visit

Q:How do I Log-In / Log-Out ?

A:Logging In: You can sign in by clicking on the "Log-In / Sign-Up" link, which appears the top right of the page.
Signing Out: You can sign out by clicking on the 'Log out' link, which appears at the top right of the page.

Q:How do I update my account details/ information ?

A:1. Sign In to your account
      2. Click on "My Account" from the drop down menu
      3. You can update your addresses, payment details, personal information 

Q:How can I change/reset my password ?

A:1. Click on "Log-In"
      2. Select the "Reset Password" tab
      3. Enter the ID (email address) you initially set when joining the VIVO Account
      4. Click on "Next" and select an authentication method (cell phone or email).

Q:Can I place an order if I don’t have a VIVO Account ?

A:Yes, you can order a product on VIVO Store without signing up. However, when ordering as a guest, you will be required to enter accurate customer information in order to receive notifications on your order information (order confirmation, delivery status, etc.)Your information will be stored for a certain period of time for us to process and send out order information.

Products and Orders

Q:How do I place an order?

A:Shopping online with us is easy and completely secure.
You can place an order online in just a few simple steps:
1. Select an item you would like to purchase and then click the Buy Now button from product detail page.
2. You can then choose to continue shopping or go directly to Checkout.
3. Once you are done shopping, click on the Shopping Cart, and follow the checkout steps.
4. You will receive an email confirming your order that includes your Order Number.

Q:What should I do if I'm having trouble placing an order?

A:If you experience any technical difficulties with our website, Please contact us:,or chat with us online.

Q:How will I know that the order is successfully processed?

A:You will receive a confirmation email with your Order Number.

Q:Can I modify my order after it is placed?

A:You cannot change your order details once your order has been completed.
If you need to make any changes, you should cancel your order before order status is changed and place a new one.

Q:From where I can find the offers and promotions are currently running?

A:You can click on the promotions section of the navigation bar to find the latest event information

Q:Can I cancel my order anytime?

A:You can cancel your order as long as the item has not been dispatched.

Q:How do I cancel an order?

A:you can call us with your Order Number to request for a cancellation

Q:Can I place an order without creating an account in your website?

A:Yes, even if you don't have a VIVO Account, you can still purchase our products as a guest, but we suggest to create an account.


Q:What payment methods VIVO accept?

A:We accept Cash on Delivery, Credit Card and Debit Card payments. 

Q:Will I receive an invoice for my order?

A:You will receive an invoice via email once the payment has been completed.

Q:Can I pay in installments?

A:No, currently VIVO can't provide installments service to customers

Q:If I pay online, how do I verify that my payment has been received?

A:You will receive a payment confirmation email.

Q:What do I do if my payment was taken more than once?

A:If you notice any sign of duplicate payment, kindly contact with us, we will process the refound to you, We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q:My payment has failed, what do I do now?

A:Please contact with us and provide all the details of your payment.

Q:How long will it take for me to receive a refund?

A:The refund can take up to 15 working days from request for order cancellation or change of mind return.

Q:what's Gift Voucher and how to use it?

A:you will take the benefit of a kind of discount from it, you need to type in the security key when you check out if you want to us it, and you can only use one Gift Voucher for one order at the same time.

Shipping & Delivery

Q:What is the delivery time?

A:"Shipping addresses inside Dubai: up to two (2) working days

Shipping addresses outside Dubai: up to four (4) working days

Delivery times may vary depending on stock availability and high sales periods."

Q:What should I do if my shipment arrives damaged?

A:If your product was damaged in transit, do not accept the shipment. After refusing the delivery, the item(s) will come back to us. When it is received, we will process refound to you.

Q:Which company will deliver the parcel?

A:J & T

Q:How much is the delivery charge?

A:Standard delivery for all products purchased on is provided free of charge.

Q:What should I do if my shipment is missing ?

A:please contact with us and we will ship your item(s) again or we will process the refound to you after it's confirmed.

Q:What should I do if my order is delayed?

A:Please call us to report a delayed order and we will check the status to push the delivery.

Q:How do I track my order?

A:Once your order ships, you will receive an email that includes tracking information. Alternatively, you can find your order details and track your order on our website.

Q:Can I change my delivery date/address?

A:You can change the delivery date if your order has not been shipped out yet.

Q:Can I choose Cash on Delivery as a payment method?

A:Yes, however, during some promotional periods this feature may not be available.

Return and Cancellations

Q:How long will it take for me to receive a refund?

A:The refund can take up to 15 working days from request for order cancellation or change of mind return.

Q:How can I return my product?

A:Please contact our Customer Service team, or email us.

Q:What is your return period?

A:return period is up to 14 days from the date of delivery.

Q:Who pays for delivery fee when I return my product?

A:There will be no charge for returning products within the return period.

Service & Warranty

Q:What is the warranty period for VIVO products?

A:VIVO Products come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Details of the manufacturer’s warranty can be found with the documentation that comes with your product. The warranty period is up to 12 months and varies depending on the product type

Q:What are the parts not covered by warranty?

A:The back cover and straps are not covered by warranty.

Q:Do you provide international warranty?

A:Sorry,currently VIVO can't provide this service.

Q:what should I do if I lost order doctuments?

A:pleas contact with us( if you lost your order doctuments.

Q:where I can find terms & conditions?

A:you can find it by this link https ://